Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1 child? are you joking?

Disclaimer: If I offend you, oh well.

I went to my knee doctor as I was being checked in the women was going over my information she asked if I worked at home depot. (cause someone put it in there the last time I was in.) I told her nope I am a homemaker. Of course after that we start gabbing about children!! So the basics, she has one and I have three, she goes on and on and onnnnn about "how hard one child is." how she does not know know people can stay sane with more than just one child. I was thinking to myself your joking right lady? One child? Easy as pie. I remember having Isabel and it was a breeze people.One car seat, One bag, One trip to do or go anywhere. You can pick up and just go, Life was soooooo simple with one child. and I just do not understand how parents and parents that work all day have such problems with this?

Of course I understand every parent has bad days and yes even with one they can drive you crazy. but before complaining about how hard it is having ONE child, think about who your talking to and if they have more than ONE kid you should most likely cut the complaining. Thanks.


  1. hahahaha soooo true! I hear it all the time too....idiots!

  2. I know it! my house was ALWAYS spotless, perfect, everything was always done on time and I hate when people biiiitch about ONE child.

  3. I complain about how tough having one is, but only while my hubby is deployed! Plus I have Abby, which multiplies stress! Love you! You are a wonderful mommy!

  4. hahahaha Diane you are in a completely different category! lol and I think abby adds up to two kids!