Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coping with the sickness.

With the awful morning sickness I have..for the forth time I have come up with some ways that make my life a little better.

Showers! anytime I can get a shower in I do. If I could live in my shower without getting pruned I would, they ALWAYS make me feel better.

The only shampoo I can use without it making me sick. Renpure Organics. I love you so.

and that leads me to Aveeno Body wash, they are the best and have pretty much no sent, and no sent is wonderful to me at this time!

My hoddies. I need them to live. If I am in a store, at another persons house, our need to change my son My face goes right in my hoddie and all I smell is ME! I smell good so this is a HUGE life saver.

MY PILLOWS! I really do not think I need to explain this one, everyone loves having their own pillow. :)

and along with watermelon sour patch kids,homemade chicken broth, The smell of my childrens hair, Abe's baby breath he still has, and clean clothes and sheet, and of course BLEACH. These things make the day to day better for me while I feel like I am dying with this stupid morning sickness.

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