Sunday, January 10, 2010

Same Old, same old...

I have been making Matt's lunch for 5 1/2 years now...I am sick of it and I have like 20 more years left. lol and I wait till last minute (my fault) when I want to just make Abram's bottle and pass out in my big comfy, perfect bed....but no I have to go into the cold kitchen and take out all the sandwich stuff, and condiments, I hate getting out condiments at 10pm. Make a mess and then wash and clean down the counters, not my idea of a good time, haha So I try to remind myself why I make this boring lunch..every night..Cause my husband is a hard worker and needs it like fuel. Soooooo as much as I hate making it, I would hate more him going with out or wasting money buying fast food... yup yup I am a really good wife. I should get some kind of lunch making medal.

I am off to make the dreaded lunch. This was a motivator in away! woooo for blogging gives you will power. hahaha I am way to sleepy. :) night night.

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