Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knocked up Pt. 4

Being pregnant four times now you would think I would be use to morning sickness...Wellll I am NOT. I HATE IT, I wake up feeling hungover every morning, get up go down stairs, chug a glass of water so I can throw up easier without bile..cute huh. Run to the bathroom and puke for about 10 mins, come out to a screaming needy Abram with an awful smelly pamper, change it...puke all over again. and then off to make breakfast for all the kids puking while doing it. and that is going to be my life for the next 2-3 months also with sore bones that hurt to touch and being dizzy non stop. ughhhhh I think at times I would rather be dead.

It is so insane how morning/all day and night sickness can knock you right on your ass. only thing that gets me though is knowing I am doing everything I can for this unborn and trying my best to keep up with the three I already have. I am an emotional wreck on top of this and cry about any and poor kids. lol I can not wait for this to pass so I can feel better, or watch a show without balling my eyes out. On the plus side I have had four different doctors tell me the more morning sickness you have the smarter the child! So I guess that is the plus to all this sickness.

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