Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things that must be accomplished!

1. We have to find a house. That is at the TOP of this list. and I would like it to happen by April -May. NO later. but time will tell...

2. I need to learn how to drive and not just parking lots. Real driving.

3.We need to trade in our Volvo and get a Mini Van. "sigh" I love our car,amazing in snow,mud,ect. best cars sad.

4.I need to find a job. (I hate this one the most.)

5.I also need to start thinking about what kind of schooling I would like. Pick up some online classes.

6.I need to leave my stresses from the day before BEHIND. I have a hard time with that.

7. I want to have alone time with each child everyday so they can feel extra important.

8. I want to get Abram in his own bed and less attached from my hip and more independent.

9. WE ARE getting each and everyone of our loans paid off!

10. I also want to get back on track with date night with my husband, like we use to do before the baby was born.

11. That bring me to, I need to stop putting so much pressure on him, he is only one person and he is doing the best he can.

12. I also need to remind myself that I am only one person, and I am doing the very best I can.

Well I am sure I did not listed everything, but most important things I did....

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