Monday, January 11, 2010

Accident prone.

Two out of the three children I have are accident prone, Lillian my wild 4 year old, and Abram the ultra-needy 10 month old little man I have! Well I feel like every time I turn around one of them is on the floor crying with something wrong, Lillian the other day at my mother and fathers house was jumping back and forth from the ottoman to the couch. (something that she is NOT allowed to do, but does anyways) well instead on landing where she thought, she fell back and smashed her back on the draw from the wooden Barbie house we have, needless to say she was crying and now has a huge long bruise on her rib cage, and an hour later she was fighting over some binder of her older sister and some how got her finger caught and now has a HUGE blood blister...oh that child.....

As for Abe, just as crazy and clumsy, he smashed his head not once, not twice, not three times but 4 times in TWO hours ON everything in sight, and now has bruises on his noggin, and I hate it. I do not like my kids having bruises on there tiny little bodies and I do not like them in pain at all, just like any mother, but my word I not only have only wild, does not think about consequence child, now I have two. I should be thanking my lucky stars none of them have had to have stitches or a broken bone...but they are only 4 and 10 months..I guess only time will tell this those two rascals! lol

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