Thursday, January 14, 2010

He does not need sleep I guess?

I take so many sleeping pictures of Abram, cause it is very very rare he sleeps. Do not get me wrong nights are getting better, he sleeps almost all the way though (unless he is having a growth spurt and drinks 5-7 bottles.) but in the day and trying to get him to nap is really ridiculous, it takes him forever to fall asleep than he will wake up no joke ten minutes later fully refreshed and ready to go. It is driving me pretty much insane. and when he in the stages of "nap time" he HAS to be looking right at me. I can not clean, move, nothing till he fall a sleep, this may be cute and adorable buttttt he is my third child and my girls need me too and him not taking naps like every other 10 month old child is killing me. I have friends and family whose children nap until they are 3-4 years old! Now granted my girls stopped napping at Isabel 18 months and Lillian about 2. and Abram has NEVER had a day where he takes more than 1-2 SHORT short naps. I hope this ends and he just want to nap, I would even take him doing it for a week. Good this he is so beautiful and melts me with his love for me and those big brown eyes<3


  1. Julian did the same thing around 5 months. Do not give up, he is not ready to be done napping and you NEED him to nap with this new one coming along. He is old enough to ferberize now, have you tried it?

  2. hahahaha I wish, he will scream for HOURS no stopping him, he does NOT give in no matter what believe me I get to the point to where I have had to and Nope he scream for an hour straight and did not care about sleeping at all. it is very depressing.