Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Facts

1.I am OBSESSED with Jersey Shore. as a matter of fact I am watching it now. Do not hate. It is the shit.

2.I count the days till my brother comes home from war at least 10 times a day.

3. Some days I think I can not handle my life and every thing in it. and other day I feel like I can handle anything.

4.Right now I need God in my life more than ever.

5.would describe my beliefs about my religion as a mixture of Christianity and Judaism. and I love to learn more.

6. If I could wear a dress every day of the year, I would. Nothing is more comfortable or more versatile.

7. I make a list every day of my life because I love the satisfaction of crossing things off the list.

8. I la la la love lady gaga! she is a freak wanna-be for sure, but I love her music and it always makes me happy.

9.I love to cook, but hate all the smells of cooking unless it is baking, totally different story. mother and father are still to this day the best parents to me in the world and I could not be more thankful they are in my life.

11.I am about to have the biggest life change ever and not sure if I am ready.


  1. I do the list thing too! I make them constantly all because I love crossing things off too.. haha! Sometimes I even put things on there that I have almost done, just to have another thing to be able to cross off. I know, I'm weird. haha :)

  2. hahahaha nope you sound just like me!