Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gut feeling

That gut feeling we get, how it never ever fails you!? It can be such a great thing and such a cruse, sometimes I just want to believe the lie, and live in this fake world where I have no stress and nothing heavy on my plate, I know this all is all just a bunch of blabber of run on sentence's but I know what I am talking and rambling about so that is really all that matters right? lol I just wish I knew what was going to happen? What I am going to do and can do right now? I am so unsure and that feeling is so unsettling. my mind is forever racing and I stress myself to the point where I am sick, I just feel like I am spinning out of control and no one can stop it....not me and that is what scares me..and it all started with that "gut feeling"That feeling that kicks you and drops you to your knees.... when will I know more? I guess when I am supposed to.......

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