Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I hate jay z and beyonce.

They suck! They were voted "Richest couple" of 2009. Oh I wonder why?! Cause the NEVER give any of there money away to ANY charity EVER! They help no causes,It no joke makes me sick. I think if you are a celebrity and you are making over 6 figures, yeah you better be giving money away, New Orleans NOTHING, Haiti NOTHING, 9/11 NOTHING and anything else that has happened they do nothing to help out, when Brad pitt and angelina jolie give out MILLIONS to help cause and other countries, they suck as human beings and I will NEVER buy anything they are trying to sell, I will never watch some sucky movie Beyonce is in cause the bitch can not act anyways. and Jay z go back in hiding your raps are lame and played out, you are NO thug, you are a wannabe and you most likely lived in a all white neighborhood. YOU BOTH SUCK AND I HOPE YOU GO BROKE IN 2010.

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