Saturday, March 6, 2010

Such a long busy week....

This week has been so so long, Abram turned the big ONE last Saturday, he has a great Birthday and got all the boy toys that me and matt were so excited to be able to buy! (Having two girls we never had reason to buy such manly gifts!)He HATED his hated it loved the whole singing and was smiling away but as soon as we sat it in front of him and tried to get him to take a taste he lost it and cried it was so cute. so we took it right away and gave him his stuffed cabbage that he ate and loved within moments! I would have some beautiful pictures to share with you but I effing deleted them all, how nice huh...pretty depressed about it, but once i get some free time I am going to try to retrieve them (Thank you Deb and Diane Nicole!) ALL in all it was a wonderful day with my little manski.

On Monday March 1st right after his first birthday he had to have his hydroseal repair done we have know this day was going to be coming for a good long year but nothing makes it easy knowing your baby is going to be put under and have to have surgery. So Sunday night I gave him a nice long bath, we snuggled in bed together and than at 4:30 we have to wake up and get headed to Portland....we got to the hospital and had our own little room got the little guy ready had to sign those AWFUL papers talking about the possible death of your child..I did not want to sign those at all the thought made me so sick..but I did and than they let me come out back to the operating room and there was his table so big for my tiny son, They asked me to hold his arms and they put the mask on him, It was SO sad he cried with his eyes closed shut for about 15 seconds and then he was out,we laid his tiny body down and I had to leave the room, I started to cry and told him "mama loves you so much roo roo, kissed him about a thousand times and then left. ugh it was HEARTBREAKING. Matt and I waited for seemed like FOREVER in that waiting room, and it was forever what we thought would be and hour long surgery ended up being over three plus hours! one side took only 15 mins, while the other took almost 2hours,had to re-circumsized him, they had to "dissect" his left testicle and than take out lymph nodes and have them tested for cancer, we were so shocked to hear the words cancer come out of the doctors mouth I almost dropped,the cells came back negative and that was a HUGE relief.

It has been almost a week after his operation he is very sore and stiff, he has two large incisions on his groin that look so painful.My poor little guy, but he is strong and a trooper. He is so brave and sweet. My mom and dad have had the girls over night for six day now, course I see them in the day but nights and mornings have been very demanding and Abe wants and needs me most at those times so Thank you mom and dad, the best parents in the world! They live right next door so I go over after abe is all tuck in and read to the girls and tuck them into, They are LOVING it and may never want to come home. haha. But I do miss them like crazy, but it for the best and things will be back to normal in no time.

I am beyond exhausted, I would love to see for 72 hours please!!! On the bright side, I have not thrown up in 4 days!! WOOOO WHOOOOO!!! That is a huge step and making my life easier, in many ways while my little guy needs me so much, but I feel like I have not had a chance to see or just talk to Matt in forever and I am excited for that to change I miss my hubby..who is sound asleep next to me, but we have probably talked about 10 sentences to one another all day, with him working non stop and me dealing with abey and the girls, So lets hope everything turns out good on Abe's follow up on the 10th.

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