Saturday, May 29, 2010

My picky eater is GONE!

I have wrote and talked about it 483204820 times before, I can not stand a picky eater! drives me up a wall! Now I feed my children good food, Lillian and Abram are amazing eaters will eat or try anything and pretty much love everything. My first born on the other hand Isabel has ALWAYS been such a picky eater,refuses to try anything and it is a struggle getting her to eat (cause I REFUSE to make two different meals) One night we were having pizza night and she got her cheese pizza me and the other kids had mushroom,onion and green pepper pizza....well some how a few mushrooms got on Isabel's slice and by a wonderful amazing mistake she ate it! and LOVED it!!!!!! She said I never knew mushrooms were so good, I want to give everything a try! LIKE MUSIC TO MY EARS! and from that point on (4 weeks ago today) she has tried: Salmon,haddock, green peppers, lobster,scallops,and just simple fruits and veggies she would not eat without acting like someone was killing olives,raisins so on and so forth! I am soooooo happy, and that is all I ask it to TRY it, if you try it and HATE it you never have to eat it again, but you will never know unless you give it a chance! so my big girl is trying everything and making me so proud!!! and she is liking and enjoying all these new foods! SO SO SO SO happy!!!!


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  1. awwwwe!!! How awesome and what a relief!!!!!