Thursday, April 15, 2010

It is a baby girlllll

So we are having our third baby girl!<3 I am really excited, I would have been just as excited with a baby boy too! I just love babies and this is my last one! I sometimes can not believe it...I am going to have my little lady so soon, her name will Hannah Ryan. Hannah because I love the name always have and it goes great with the rest of my kiddos names! and Ryan after my best friend and my brother! I knew having a boy or girl the middle name would be Ryan.

At the ultrasound she was so naughty! haha I pretty much did not get to see her face at all! she would not let them get one measurement! she was very difficult. but I will be getting another one soon... I hope to see her than for a longer amount of time.

I am in love with her already and can not wait until she is in my arms.