Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer time baby!

I am pretty excited about having a summer baby! I was born in August to that is special too. The 20th of this month (Tuesday) I get to pick the day she will be born on! SO excited. That is one good thing about having a planned c-section, I will be picking the day and having her at 39 weeks!! Isabel had her only three late but felt like a life time, and in the winter soooo cold, Lillian was three days early also a winter baby and it was a snow storm when we left, Abram was 7 days late, and he was my 1st c-section cause of his hugeness and he never wanted to leave the womb..also a winter baby and another storm we left in. So here are some of the things I am excited for August baby!!!! :)

1. It is in the summer. duh. haha

2.This will probably be the ONLY summer of my life that I do not carry or put on a sweat shirt by the middle of the day, I am always freezing and when I am PG it is the only time I am normal temperature...VERY excited for this!

3. She will come home with out 3 huge blankets, a snow suit, hat, mittens, and having the car warming up.

4. She can wear all those tiny sun dresses.

5. we will not leave in a blizzard.

6. She will be leaving the hospital in a cute tiny little summer outfit.

7. SHE WILL BE HERE!!!! HAHAHA So exited for my 1st and last summer baby!

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  1. I am excited for all those same reasons!! I am even an August baby too. Miss Grace was Feb. 16th, so I totally get the hassle of a winter baby :) Sooo excited!