Friday, April 23, 2010

Stuffy, Fiddle Heads, heading back to school.

This WHOLE pregnancy I have had a damn stuffy nose! never ending, snot filled nose and it is KILLING me! It is gross, my face feels so full, and I can not smell a damn thing! I can handle one..two MAYBE even three weeks of this shit but no.Five months..shoot me now please.and it is not like I can just blow it,it will NOT go anywhere it is sick, gross and inhumane...haha I would like my sniffer back asap!

ok now on to my kids going back to school! They can not wait! it is a shame they would have a vacation for two weeks for Isabel, and for one week for Lillian who only goes 2 days a week, my girls love school and NEED it to keep themselves for there mother! My house is 100% completely trashed, they are going insane from being home, playing out side and having sleep overs with the grandparents and play dates with cousins are just not cutting it. Thank God for Monday!!!!!!

FIDDLE HEAD SEASON IS EARLY!!!!!!! OK so my daddy-o has been picking us fiddle heads for as long as I can recall,usually it is not till after mother's day but this season came early. and for all you who have never had fiddle heads...I am so sorry they are sooooooooooo wonderful! You have to cook them right and you would not believe how many people can screw them up!! but any who! My Dad and his friend went to go out and pick some and it is not an easy task but any means, it is in the woods by banks around water and you getting eaten alive by bugs,ticks get on you, but no one picks them like my dad he always gets over 100 pounds and everyone he takes with him struggles to get 20 pounds.This season my poor pop who has horrible bones and a leg that was DESTROYED in a accident twenty-five years a go had his knee blown out so bad his friend had to lug him out of the friggen woods over his shoulder.....and comes home and can not move, he is walking with his little wooden cane he made and had tons of shit done to it at the doctors today. Poor guy, just cause he knows how much we love those little devils! So thank you Dad, praying it is nothing to serious and that you will be able to move in a few days! love you!

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