Sunday, April 4, 2010

9 Days till gender time!

So in 9 days I will find out if our last baby will be Girl or Boy!!!!! I am so excited and can not wait to know! This baby better not give me any trouble earthier,with Isabel she had her legs crossed so tight until freaking 37 weeks! Lilly let us know NO issues Thank you Lillian! and Abe was SO active and hyper after 2 hours of trying we did not find out till 28 weeks I think it was...soooooo This baby best let me see or I will go insane! I am so excited to just know and start calling my baby his or hers name, and not to mention I love being able to see my baby on screen <3

I am 18 weeks and feeling pretty good. (knock on wood) I have been drink boat loads of water and taking it really easy. I am sooooo thankful this is my last pregnancy, do not get me wrong I am VERY grateful I have no issue with getting pregnant and keeping my babies till full term....I feel very blessed but my last being PG with Abram was scary and very painful almost the whole time and this time I feel is going to be the same and I have 4 more months left before I have this one, so it is worrisome. I know everything will be fine but all in all very grateful this is the last time I will be having a baby growing inside me. Plus four is enough or me! :) I can not wait till the 13th, Please say a little prayer my baby will let us know what he or she is!!!!

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