Thursday, April 8, 2010

When is having an imagination a bad thing?

Last night Matt and I went to our PTC (Parent teacher conference.) for Isabel who is in Kindergarten. As we go in and sit down her teacher ask if something has changed in Isabel's life in the last few months, and went on to say how Isabel has been saying she is ill a lot and act like she needs to go to the nurses office, So I explain to her we are having another child and this is Isabel way of getting extra attention,and this is her way of acting out if you will. So on to the next issue "Isabel's vivid imagination" how she has NEVER seen ANYTHING like it and she is so sensitive. (My little girl has always been VERY sensitive and in tune to others feeling..always) and Yes her imagination runs wild and she can go on forever about stories she makes up and so on and ect.. and goes on to say that this may affect her in the first grade cause it is so much more structured and there is consent flow of work, and that she is no Dr. but this may be something more serious. So I was like oh well she must be doing awful with her academics if her teacher is talking like this, I thought in my head. Well NOPE SHE IS DOING AMAZING, EVERYTHING IS 100s AND EXCELLENTS, AND PERFECT JOB. Does math better than anyone in the class,can read better than anyone in the class, But it is her IMAGINATION THAT IS THE ISSUES?!?!?!? I was irate at this point and down right offended. (and I have decided not to even post half of what she said in this blog)

I Just said well you know what, Isabel does have an imagination,and excellent one, she is ultra sensitive and it is all in how you say something to her, and I went on to talk about how she is using her "imagination" so much cause she is bored and it is HER job to stimulate her and keep giving her the work, and That I believe the first grade will be a benefit to her cause there will be so much MORE structure and "a flow of consent work" grrrrrr I was so mad,Just because she has never seen an imagination like my child's does not mean anything is the matter with my child and if her school work is not going down hill because of it I do NOT want you LABELING my little girl, I refuse to dumb her down and tell her it is not ok to have one! and I refuse to have her be a robot. and she does not need to act like any other child, she is her own person and anyone that knows my little girl can not believe how smart she, how clever she is. I have been hearing this her whole six years by, friends, doctors, family, pre-school teachers and anyone who knows her know she is something special and gifted. She is amazing<3

welllll now that I have bitched and moaned to Matt, my mom, my friends and now the blog site I feel better! Still mad like a lion but better.

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  1. Way to go mama!!! Always stand behind your child! I agree with you totally. I would have been upset at the teacher also.